Founded 1987, Ueberschall crafts audio loops and sound effects for professional audio- and multimedia-productions. Our path led from first offerings on floppy disks for the widespread Akai S1000 to audio CDs and CD ROMs in different formats such as WAV, AKAI or EXS 24 during the 90s, followed by DVDs with dedicated software-players to our current exclusive website-offer with digital downloads.

Today, every customer has worldwide access to the extensive catalogue of Ueberschall products, being able to download his purchases anytime including reloads in case of data loss.

Ueberschall has produced high quality content for multiple international hard- and software manufacturers over the time. This way, Ueberschall samples have found their way to customers in hardware-synthesizers, different DAWs and even iOS apps.

Ueberschall’s samples are known for superior quality. We are constantly trying to outperform our own high standards. We regularly invest in latest technology and finest equipment to deliver productions that can truly be called state of the art. Another part of the equation is our careful and competent sound work including precise microphone selections, accurate placement as well as experiments with exotic gear. No product is produced “along the way” but always with dedicated focus. From preproduction to recording sessions, from precise edits to the final quality control, a product may need several months to be published.