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Intelligent Spectral Balancer that automatically resolves fatigued freq areas and bad resonances

03 BABY Audio Smooth Operator Best Resonance Suppression Plugin VST Free Trial Available

Smooth Operator combines equalization, spectral compression, and resonance suppression into a singular creative experience that is instant and intuitive. Use it to perfect your tonal balance and add a touch of ‘hi-fi’.
Baby Audio’s  spectral detection algorithm adapts to your audio 44,100 times per second and automatically eliminates fatigued frequencies. This gives you full control to shape your signal and bring out more definition.


  • Brings out clarity and smoothness across instruments, vocals, and mix busses.
  • Allows for creative tone-shaping without artifacts or harsh resonances.
  • Intelligent algorithm that automatically detects and resolves fatigued frequencies.

What is Spectral Processing?

The easiest way to understand Spectral Processing is to think of it as manipulating the building blocks that make up a digital signal – rather than the actual signal. Our algorithm uses Fast Fourier Transform – or FFT – to break the incoming audio into tiny particles, which are analyzed and processed separately, before being put back together as audio. This all happens in real time and allows for a much more surgical approach to resonance detection and rebalancing than what would be possible with traditional audio effects.

While most spectral tools focus on audio restoration, we wanted Smooth Operator to be all about creative expression. The plugin is meant for shaping your tone. Use it to compress, EQ, and ‘purify’ in one simple process – and know that Smooth Operator has your back when it comes to automatically eliminate artifacts.


Baby Audio

BABY Audio was founded in New York City by a European team — but relocated to Los Angeles in early 2020. In the shadow of palm trees and the entertainment industry, they passionately pursue their vision to bring you plugins that sound good, look good, feel good, and - above all - inspire good music.


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