EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Percussion


Hollywood Fantasy Percussion provides a full suite of thunderous, mystical struck and shaken instruments to complement even the most epic soundtracks. While they’re well-suited to most orchestral scores, they shine in combination with the rest of the Hollywood Fantasy palette.


Hollywood Fantasy Percussion


Hollywood Fantasy Percussion provides a full suite of thunderous, mystical struck and shaken instruments to complement even the most epic soundtracks. While they’re well-suited to most orchestral scores, they shine in combination with the rest of the Hollywood Fantasy palette. There’s no shortage of bombastic drum libraries available, but there’s never been a percussion library specifically designed for scoring epic fantasy soundtracks.


When scoring for fantasy, there are countless settings where conventional percussion simply doesn’t cut it – fiery iron forges, royal celebrations, traditional folk festivals, and that’s just scratching the surface. That’s when you need percussion that doesn’t just carry the drama of the scene but feels perfectly at home in the world you’re composing for. Each instrument in this collection has been selected to span every setting imaginable, so that no matter the scoring task, you have the tools to not only underscore the drama on-screen, but to wrap up the audience in an entirely new, fantastical world they need to hear to believe.


If you’ve ever listened to Celtic folk music, chances are you’re familiar with the rich quality of the bodhran. This handheld drum is typically played with a two-sided mallet or by hand, offering a gentle but firm pulse to keep the music moving. Listen to how this delightful folk drum livens up the score to Braveheart and Titanic!


A bass drum has been added to this collection to help extend the low end of the orchestra, which is notably absent in many traditional ensembles. Rather than the rounded, mellow mallet hits in conventional orchestral playing, the Gran Cassa is struck in a much wider range of impacts.


This drum likely needs no introduction due to its omnipresence in video game and film scores, but a tight-knit ensemble was recorded to provide the glorious bassy rumble these massive drums are famed for. Their ominous low end simply can’t be beaten. Okami, The Last Samurai, and countless other soundtracks have used Taikos for their incredible tone and power.


Unlike other Taikos, the massive Nagado-daiko was designed for rituals and spiritual uses, and as such is a great way to underscore austere ceremonies with a single, haunting low impact. This drum ensemble especially shines in slow, quiet passages with little competition in the orchestra.


These Balinese cymbals have a splashy, resonant character perfect for background ambience; they’re much softer than their Western counterparts and work wonders for broadening your palette of metals without the normal harshness of cymbals.


Small chromatic cymbals that blend the quality of a glockenspiel and wind chimes — these are a great way to sustain a gradual, regal melody and offer a delightful contrast with wind and stringed instruments. James Horner used crotales to great effect in the 90s film Sneakers.


A collection of assorted struck, rolled, and tapped metals for whenever you need a dose of inspiration. Inside this diverse collection you’ll find all manner of shapes and sizes (literally) you can use to brighten up your Fantasy Orchestra.


This unique shaker is a collection of hoof trimmings gathered by indigenous peoples while milking their goats. The result is a dry, brittle rattle ideal for underscoring eerie, mystical rituals performed by ancient cultures.


A mixture of alternate performances of other instruments above, focused on ease and playability to quickly introduce a variety of timbres into your score. This is a great starting point when you need a little inspiration to move your ideas along.


North African castanets with a similar tone to the ceng ceng, but with a rounder timbre and lower in pitch. Their hollow quality sets them apart from other cymbals and adds a floating, soft feel to this percussion suite.


This shaker provides a soft, dispersed sound ideal for gently driving the rhythm; its airiness creates the perfect high-end complement to a drum ensemble without the splashiness of cymbals to round out the arrangement with a nice accent layer.


Imagine a deep, atonal bowed instrument howling in the night and you’ll arrive at a similar sound to this rubbed Indian drum. This festival and temple staple is evocative and mysterious, and a great tool for letting your imagination run wild.


A combination of multiple folk drums evoking images of festivals, street performances, rituals, and any manner of other fantasy cultural settings. You’ll find a collection of hits, rolls, rim taps, and more to build your own robust drum ensemble. The nagara is often used in the popular dance form Ghoomar, commonly attributed to the 2018 movie Padmaavat.


We’ve also included chimes to help round out the collection and lock in with a more conventional orchestra, though they’re equally suited to adding the sound of church bells in a castle town or scoring joyous ceremonies that demand regal treatment.


A collection of large metals being grazed, struck, and beaten for a suite of heavy industrial sounds; if you need the sound of a forge or assembly line from a distant realm, this is exactly how to do it.


No Fantasy Percussion suite would be complete without the sound of a traditional drum corps — when great armies are marching into battle, this snare ensemble is an essential tool to convey the grandeur and scale necessary to get the job done.


The deeper, rounder cousin to the snare ensemble, this creates a hefty lower-mid power layer for additional oomph in your drum core (or simply a nice thwack when needed).




EASTWEST (soundsonline.com) is the #1 producer of virtual (software) instruments in the world. With clientele that spans the music, film, television, games, multimedia and performing arts, EASTWEST has led the industry for 30+ years and provides professionals with the very best music creation tools available.

System Requerments


  • CPU: Quad-core (four cores), running at 2.7 GHz (or above)
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • OS: macOS 10.13 (or later); Windows 10 with ASIO sound drivers
  • Drive: HDD (7200 rpm, non-energy saving)


  • CPU: Octa-core (eight cores), running at 2.7 GHz (or above)
  • RAM: 32 GB or more
  • OS: macOS 10.13 (or later); Windows 10 with ASIO sound drivers
  • Drive: SSD (SATA or PCIe)

The chart below outlines the MacOS and Windows 64-bit operating systems and sequencers that are officially supported and fully tested with the latest version of Opus. Please note that while most Sequencers / DAWs are VST 2, VST 3, AU and AAX plug-in format compatible, only those listed in the chart below are officially supported.

Product Version MacOS (10.13+) Windows 10
EW Play 6 Stand-Alone 6.0+ YES YES
EW Opus Stand-Alone 1.0+ YES YES
Ableton Live 10.0+ YES YES
Apple Logic Pro 10.0+ YES
Apple Garageband 10.3+ YES
Avid Pro Tools 2018.1+ YES YES
Bitwig Studio 3.0+ YES YES
Cockos Reaper 6.0+ YES YES
Image-Line FL Studio 20+ YES YES
Motu Digital Performer 9.0+ YES YES
Steinberg Cubase(1) 9.0+ YES YES
Steinberg Nuendo(1) 8.0+ YES YES
Presonus Studio One 4.0+ YES YES
VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.0+ YES YES
Notation Software(2) Version
Avid Sibelius 2018.1+ YES YES
MakeMusic Finale 25.0+ YES YES
Steinberg Dorico 3.0+ YES YES
  • (1) VST3 usage is recommended
  • (2) Sibelius / Finale / Dorico notation programs work with Opus, but do not support the full feature set of some Opus/Play Libraries, such as those that use WordBuilder. Please contact support for details.


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