Veiled Ashes is a dual sample player for Kontakt 6 with a focus on creating evolving atmospheres and modulation.

Use the custom MODULATION ENGINE and MATRIX to modulate up to 25 targets with 9×2 modulators and bring a sense of life and movement to any sample.

  • 180 samples sourced from musicians around the world
  • 200 crafted presets ready to go or to tweak with pre-made CC options
  • User Samples & Presets
  • Redo / Undo buttons for easy experimenting and fixing mistakes
  • Randomiser buttons for quick inspiration and surprising results

— Veiled Ashes requires a full version of Kontakt6 and will not work with the free player —


  • Immerse yourself in soundscapes filled with character and movement
  • Transform any sounds into the un-recognisable or add a subtle sense of movement with VEILED ASHES’s custom engine
  • Your go-to tool for quick and easy sample manipulation
  • Get great sounds in minutes rather than tweaking midi for hours
  • Unrivaled flexibility for modulation like you’ve never seen in Kontakt